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A Little Missionary

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Hello, I'm Audrey Henderson

I am the little missionary. God has called me to the mission field in the Philippines. My goals? Evangelize the Lost. Disciple the Believers. Build the Church. 

My Salvation Testimony

I grew up attending church. However, by age 12, I had already decided I would not attend church after a graduated from high school. I had looked around at the people and thought, “I can be moral like them, and not have to wear dresses all the time or wake up early on weekends.” By age 15, I had developed a loathing for church. My previous apathy had developed to the near atheism for I had decided that if God even existed, then He didn’t really seem to be alive and active around. So why did I need to bother with all that church business?

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What is it like there?

There is a strong need for the Gospel in the Philippines.


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I thank God for you

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A Little Missionary

Wondering where the name came from? Learn the sweet story behind the name, “A Little Missionary”.

The Story Behind the Name

I can be A Little Missionary

If the Gospel story to the Lost I carry.

I can work for Jesus in the homeland, “Lord here am I, send me.”


I’ll be faithful studying and praying

If the Master calls me, home I’ll not be staying!

To the fields already white to harvest, “Send me, O Lord!” I pray. 


I don’t have to cross the salty ocean

To the needy heathen to show my devotion.

I can pray and give to send the others who represent me there.”

                                                                    –ABeka publishers

This little ditty gets stuck in my head frequently. The tune is quite catchy and fun, which helps to cement the theme. I remember learning it as I worked with my pastor’s wife, Beneth, in the Wednesday night program called The Ambassadors.  She designed this program to infuse the young people with knowledge of missionary stories, Bible Stories, and biblical songs. The students leave each week ready to return the next because—“What’s going to be in the river ready to jump at Mary Slessor’s canoe?” or “Will John and Betty obey the Lord first, or be married right away?” or “Will John Hyde reach the goal of witnessing to 10 souls before sunset?” or “George Mueller determined never to ask another human for financial help, but he has a houseful of hungry children and no food in the pantry. How will God work?”

For me, the stories and the song were used in conjunction with some other influences. I would hum, “I can be a little missionary if the Gospel story, to the lost I carry…” as I found a homeless person needing some food and conversation. Or I would hum it as I left a meeting of the Exchange Bible Study. Then, as I prepared for a ladies’ Bible study briefly hosted at my house, I would hum, “I’ll be faithful studying and praying, if the master calls me home I’ll not be staying.” As the Lord used the ministry Voice of the Martyrs to reveal to me the real and desperate state of my brothers and sisters in the global church body, I would think, “I can pray and give to send the others who represent me there.”

A simple song. A child’s song. Yet a song with wonderful truths and reminders. As the Lord started working in me a desire to return to the Philippines for the long-haul, this song bubbled up in me with renewed enthusiasm. I love to hear it now and think, “I will be a little missionary! And the Gospel story, to the lost I’ll carry!… ‘Send me, oh Lord, I pray!’”

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