Hello, I'm Audrey Henderson.

I grew up in Spartanburg, SC attending church whenever the doors were opened. Growing up, I always loved missions conferences and visiting missionaries. It seemed so cool that they got to travel the world and see so many places! Almost immediately after I got saved at age 16, I went on my first mission trip to Mexico. I knew right away that the Lord was calling me into his full time ministry, but wasn’t sure where.

I graduated Bob Jones University in 2007, and soon after entered the ministry of teaching in a Christian school in Wilton, CA. The Lord only kept me there for five years before moving me into the secular work force. He wanted me to realize the desperate state of those who walk in darkness and without hope in the world. He used my time in this environment to teach me compassion and give me a renewed burden for the lost.

In 2017, I traveled to the Philippines for a four-week evangelistic campaign. The Lord began to nurse a desire in me to return long-term. The evangelistic campaign yields much fruit—but these new believers need discipleship and encouragement. Lord willing, I will soon be returning to the Philippines to work in conjunction with the local teams of GrowPoint Ministries and Student Movement for Christ International (SMCI). My goals? Evangelize the Lost. Disciple the Believers. Build the Church.